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Tools and resources

Vanguard Charitable’s thought leadership and resources can help you incorporate charitable planning into your clients’ overall financial plans. The donor pieces below can complement your other materials and be useful in your client conversations.


5 best practices for philanthropists

Five foundational questions can guide you in developing giving strategies and ensure, over the long run, that you optimize your donations, expand your giving, and fulfill your philanthropic plans.


Save to give

A philanthropic account can help you save more now to accomplish your charitable goals over both the short- and long-term. These hypothetical situations illustrate how to plan for different charitable goals based on a variety of circumstances.


Find and focus on your charitable passion

Discover your philanthropic passions and use them to strategically plan your giving for greater charitable impact.


Craft your giving legacy

Continue your philanthropy beyond your lifetime with a giving legacy that reflects your charitable values. A giving legacy through a succession plan can ensure the assets remaining in your philanthropic account continue to fulfill your charitable mission.



Create your charitable plan

A worksheet to create your mission statement and charitable goals and then catalog the financial resources, investments, giving options, timeline and measurement for making those aspirations a reality.



Involving family in philanthropy

Involving family in your philanthropy can create substantial charitable impact. Here are some key activities that families can share to engage in active philanthropy.


Our family’s philanthropic plan

A worksheet to craft your family’s charitable mission statement and define the goals you would collectively like to reach. Then develop a plan to keep you focused on achieving them.



How to value your contribution

Use this form to assist you with valuing your contribution for tax purposes.


Contribute complex assets

Complex assets like hedge fund or private equity investments, insurance policies and non-publicly traded stocks can be very tax-effective donations, but many nonprofits are not equipped to take them. A donor-advised fund can liquidate those assets for philanthropy.


Donating complex assets-personal property

Contributing personal property—artwork, real estate property, a vehicle, or any tangible, non-cash asset—to a donor-advised fund can be a highly effective method for supporting your philanthropic goals.


Donating complex assets-insurance policy

Gifting life insurance to a donor-advised fund can tax-efficiently liquidate a valuable yet less productive asset from your portfolio and realize its value during your lifetime—all while supporting the causes you love.


Donating complex assets-non-publicly traded stock

Though non-publicly traded stock can be a highly complex asset to liquidate, contributing this stock to a donor-advised fund can be an effective method for supporting your charitable goals.



Invest in philanthropy

A guide to maximizing the potential for tax-free growth when recommending investments with a donor-advised fund.


My charitable investments

A worksheet to plan your charitable investing strategy, including target asset allocation, monitoring, contributions and grants.


Pay less for philanthropy to give more

Consider the effect of fees on your philanthropy and how you can minimize fees to maximize your charitable impact.


Giving tools

Compare giving options

Review the characteristics of a variety of giving tools available to donors. Six key factors can help you determine the giving tools that best support your philanthropic preferences and giving goals.



Effective granting

Recommend grants to charity more effectively by tailoring and timing your granting.


Plan to make a difference

Consider the effect of timing on our grant recommendations and learn the granting patterns that are preferred by charities.



Vanguard Charitable research

A tradition of giving

Learn more about how the tradition of giving is influenced across families and generations.


An inside look: 15,330 donors who are giving to charity with a donor-advised fund

Vanguard Charitable reflects on 10 years of granting--analyzing trends in our donors' giving patterns and identifying ways we can all give more.