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As a financial advisor, you are the key connector between your clients and their ability to realize and achieve the true purpose of their wealth. By teaming with Vanguard Charitable, you can bring a crucial component into your client’s full financial picture—charitable giving and legacy.

Vanguard Charitable works with many top financial advisors, lawyers, and estate planners across the country who want to further engage with their clients and better optimize their portfolios for today, tomorrow, and the next generation—using philanthropy. Strategic advisors are increasingly introducing their clients to our philanthropic accounts, an effective tool for minimizing tax implications and managing life events such as business sales and financial windfalls.

By partnering with a trusted name like Vanguard Charitable, you can:

Brand yourself as a holistic financial advisor who can address tax and investment decisions, as well as charitable goals.

Grow your business and increase client loyalty by providing products and services that maximize impact at a low cost.

Serve your clients by engaging in conversations related to long-term goals, wealth planning for the next generation, and personal passions, and incorporate those into their overall plan.

Balance clients’ financial and charitable priorities to accomplish goals set by both the head and the heart.


Join our giving community and discover how by serving as a charitable advisor you can help your clients achieve their broader financial goals.

Encourage clients to utilize all available tools to minimize tax burdens and optimize benefits by effectively handling assets such as IRAs, appreciated securities, and unexpected incomes.
Remove the administrative hassle of handling multiple donations, including complex special assets, by managing all donations through one charitable receipt. As an Interested Party, you can review and oversee your client’s philanthropic account, provide reporting, and help consolidate giving.
Engage your client in strategic conversations about giving and their short- and long-term charitable goals. Work with them to incorporate charity into their financial planning and help establish and achieve personal goals.
Utilize a donor-advised account as a smart way to manage estate planning and help your client consider planning for beyond their lifetime.


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