Total charitable impact


Financial and philanthropic planning

A charitable strategy that includes a philanthropic account is a smart addition to a client's financial plans. It allows for a tax-effective reallocation of personal assets to charity and the diversification of investments--without high costs, taxable gains, or substantial risk. With a philanthropic account, clients can mitigate taxes and plan for the future, all while easily supporting a broad base of charitable causes.

Assets can be allocated to three areas--government, other people, and charity--and every individual has the option to swing the percentages in a direction that favors his or her plans. You can help your client determine if giving to charity is the right option, and then, when and how to donate.

Often charitable giving is triggered by an event, such as retirement or a financial windfall. Take note of situations in your clients' lives, like those below, and consider where Vanguard Charitable can fill a need.

Financial planning

  • Bonus
  • End of life
  • Foundation terminated
  • Inheritance
  • Retirement
  • Sale of company
  • Windfall