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Save to give: How millennials will shape philanthropy

Each generation approaches philanthropy differently. With millennials in particular receiving a lot of attention recently, as ascending generations often do, I thought I would use the final blog in this series to see what we can expect in the way of charitable giving from this group.

Save to give: Stretching your charitable dollars

In my last blog, the first in the three-part series, I discussed the advantages of using a donor-advised fund and the save to give mindset to maximize your ‘philanthropy retirement.’ I used real data from the past 20 years to demonstrate how a donor who opened an account with us in 1997 could have extended the duration of her giving from 10 to 20 years while increasing her total impact by 56%, providing her favorite charities with consistent, ongoing support. This time, I’d like to utilize the same investment performance data from the past 20 years to look at a new scenario.

Save to Give: Planning for your ‘philanthropy retirement’

Vanguard Charitable is celebrating its 20th year of operation. For me, as the chief financial officer, part of what this means is that we now have 20 years’ worth of market data to consider. We can look at how charitable investments made in our very first year would have performed in the intervening time and use real-life evidence to examine our 'save to give' mantra, our belief that long-term, strategic philanthropy is the most effective way to make a difference.