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A growing number of companies are integrating corporate citizenship into their overall business strategy. While their reasons for participating in corporate philanthropy may vary, these companies understand that "giving back" is vital to maintaining a positive impression with customers and employees.

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Over the last five years, what trend has driven most companies to focus on solving societal problems?

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A giving solution

With more than $200 million in assets in our corporate services program, Vanguard Charitable is one of the leading nonprofit organizations to offer companies both a unique benefit for their executives and a convenient, flexible way to fulfill their corporate philanthropy goals. With our help, you can support your community and business initiatives, while rewarding key employees with favorable access to our philanthropic accounts.

As a national donor-advised fund, we work with a broad base of donors, including many mid- to large-size companies, and together, we consolidate, accrue, and grant assets to charity.

Comparing Corporate and Executive accounts Comparing Corporate and Executive accounts

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