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Executive philanthropic accounts

Executive philanthropic accounts present a unique opportunity to both recognize high-performing individuals
and increase your company's ability to give tax-effectively. Showcase your commitment to your executives and encourage a culture of giving by introducing philanthropic accounts as part of a corporate giving program.

Our cutting-edge program supports your company's efforts to acknowledge executives throughout the year or during key periods.* It is also a solution for your executives and company when managing financial windfalls, high profits, and appreciated company securities.

Our executive philanthropic accounts program allows individuals to enjoy all the traditional benefits of our accounts, including tax deductions, giving consolidation, and legacy options--at our competitive pricing. Not
only will this translate into more satisfied executives, but you will foster a corporate atmosphere where charitable contributions, "giving back," and community are valued.

While the executives always maintain full account access and privileges, only the contributor is eligible for a
tax deduction.

Executive accounts


For more information or to establish philanthropic accounts for your executives, contact us.



*Employee participation in a company funded executive philanthropic accounts program is mandatory if the company chooses to fund the account on a pre-payroll/pre-tax basis. Employees may elect to personally contribute to an executive philanthropic account.