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At Vanguard Charitable, we offer philanthropic accounts to help individuals fulfill charitable missions that reflect the people and causes they care about most. Together we support thousands of nonprofit organizations every year.

We make it easier to manage charitable donations by alleviating the administrative burdens and time it requires to invest assets, conduct charity due diligence, and issue grants. Donor-advised funds reduce work and streamline costs on your end without sacrificing charitable impact--in four simple steps.

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The unique structure of a donor-advised fund allows you to be strategic about giving and manage your charitable donations in a tax-effective, flexible, and convenient way. Outside the immediate benefits, such as a charitable tax deduction, our philanthropic accounts also offer your charitable contributions the opportunity to grow tax-free through a variety of investment options that span the risk spectrum. Discover how our investments help you give more through a donor-advised fund.

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Philanthropic accounts for individuals and families:
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