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One of the primary advantages of giving with our philanthropic account is the opportunity to recommend investments, watch charitable assets compound and, over time, grant more to charity--without sacrificing any tax benefits. In addition, assets invested by Vanguard Charitable grow tax-free, meaning your contributions may be worth more accruing for charity than they would be if you personally invested them in the market.1

With our philanthropic accounts, you secure access to a broad range of investment options, including international and domestic and across major asset classes, that allow you to tailor your account to match your risk tolerance, desired time horizon, and giving objectives. The result of a good investment? A greater charitable impact

Minimize cost, maximize impact

Our donors' accounts benefit from the sophistication, expertise, and more than 35 years of investing know-how of Vanguard, the largest mutual fund company in the world. Although we are separate entities, Vanguard Charitable is strongly aligned with Vanguard's principled investment philosophy, including its commitment to diversification, long-term perspective, and low costs.

We are the only donor-advised fund that can extend the direct benefits of Vanguard's at-cost investments to you and are able to charge even lower investment fees than may traditionally be assessed, including Institutional share class pricing to Select accounts and Admiral share class pricing to Standard accounts.2

Vanguard, a client-owned firm, has a proven history of reducing expense ratios--a savings we pass directly to your philanthropic account when invested in any option with underlying Vanguard mutual funds. For example, given leading industry pricing, $1 million invested in Vanguard Charitable's Moderate Growth may save about $6,200 per year. Over ten years, that savings increases to nearly $88,000.3

Fees can erode an account's value over time, limiting your potential to achieve your philanthropic goals. When we work with Vanguard to keep investment costs low, we also keep more of your charitable dollars working for the causes you care about most.

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Diversify with an exclusive option

For qualifying select donors, we also offer exclusive access to The Investment Fund for Foundations Multi-Asset Fund, an option traditionally reserved for foundations and endowments. This actively managed fund gives individuals the opportunity to recommend a long-term investment with a broader range of asset classes than our other options. Learn more.

Manage investments

You may recommend exchanges at any time. While we do not encourage timing the market, we do understand an occasional reallocation may better diversify your account and help you achieve your long-term, philanthropic goals.

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1 All investments are subject to risk. Diversification does not ensure growth or protect against a loss in a declining market.

2 Select account status is subject to Vanguard Charitable's approval and is based on account balance, activity, and patterns. Most accounts with balances of more than $1 million for at least three months are approved for Select status. All other accounts are considered Standard. Admiral and Institutional are share classes at Vanguard. Each share class has varying operating expenses and account minimums, which are reflected in their respective fees.

3 Savings calculated by comparing fees charged on investments in Vanguard Charitable's Moderate Growth and Fidelity Charitable's Moderate Growth and assuming 7.2% annual return on each option.