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*Please note our extended business hours for the remainder of 2017.

Fulfill year-end financial and charitable goals with a donor-advised fund:

When faced with an influx of charity requests and the looming close of the tax year, individuals and families are looking for the most effective and efficient way to manage through both.  A donor-advised fund is uniquely positioned to provide both convenient and tax-effective ways to contribute and manage assets, as well as a single online source for granting to your favorite public charities.

In order to help you achieve your year-end goals, Vanguard Charitable has established guidelines for grants and contributions.

Manage charitable donations through a single source and grant to your favorite organizations:

While charities need your support year-round, we understand the end of the year is prime time for fundraising appeals and requests for donations.  Vanguard Charitable provides an online tool that allows you to easily search for charities and request donations in minutes. 

Due to year-end granting volumes, we request that all 2017 grant recommendations be entered by December 8, 2017 for processing by calendar year-end.1 Grants entered after this time period will  be processed in the order received with best efforts to issue by year end. Click here for more information.
Contribute to a DAF with cash or appreciated assets and receive up-front deduction:

Giving a non-cash gift to charity can help you reallocate a portfolio, reduce capital gains taxes, mitigate estate taxes, and minimize taxable income to support your overall financial strategy. We recommend speaking with your personal tax advisor to determine the most advantageous funds to contribute.  Contributions to Vanguard Charitable are irrevocable upon acceptance. The minimum initial gift is $25,000 and the minimum additional gift is $5,000.

Vanguard Charitable has published year-end contribution deadlines to philanthropic accounts to ensure donors are able to make their charitable contributions count in 2017. Click here for more information, and see the table below:


Contributions must be received in good order by 1:30pm Eastern time to be processed the same business day.


Asset held outside of Vanguard - Mutual fund November 15, 2017

Asset held outside of Vanguard - Security December 15, 2017

Asset held at Vanguard - Security  December 21, 2017

Asset held at Vanguard - Vanguard Mutual fund December 21, 2017

Electronic Bank Transfer December 26, 2017

Wire December 26, 2017

Check* December 31, 2017

Stock Certificate* December 31, 2017

Restricted stock and complex assets Timeframes may vary.
Please contact Vanguard
for more more

*To ensure a 2017 tax deduction, all checks and stock certificates sent via mail must be USPS postmarked by December 31, 2017. We highly recommend obtaining a post office receipt. Proof of send from a different carrier, such as UPS or FedEx does not qualify as valid documentation for a year-end tax deduction. Note: December 31st is a Sunday, please plan accordingly.

If you plan to contribute and grant in 2017, please carefully review our recommended deadlines as various asset types may take longer to settle and be available for granting. 

Since 1997, Vanguard Charitable has served the interests of individuals and families who share our mission to increase philanthropy and maximize its impact over time.  Click the button below to request a consultation with a Vanguard Charitable representative:

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1In the event that a grant requires extensive due diligence, we may not be able to guarantee grant issue by year-end, even if the grant recommendation is submitted by December 8. Complex grant recommendations should be submitted as soon as possible.

Vanguard Charitable was founded by The Vanguard Group, Inc. as an independent, nonprofit, public charity in 1997. Although Vanguard provides certain investment management and administrative services to Vanguard Charitable pursuant to a service agreement, Vanguard Charitable is not a program or activity of Vanguard.