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1. Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Nicole Taylor 


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On Episode 1 of the Value in Giving podcast, Nicole Taylor, President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, speaks with Jane Greenfield about the importance of supporting COVID-19 relief efforts through philanthropy. Nicole shares more about how her background as a public school teacher inspired her to be an agent of change and how the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and its donors are working to alleviate the serious inequalities in our communities brought to light by COVID-19.

Nicole Taylor headshot

Nicole Taylor


Nicole Taylor is president and CEO of Silicon Valley Community Foundation. She brings together a rich background in Bay Area philanthropy, nonprofit administration and fundraising with extensive experience in both the private and public sectors.


In joining SVCF in December 2018, Nicole returns to the Bay Area from Arizona, where she served as vice president of the ASU Foundation. She also previously served as deputy vice president and dean of students at Arizona State University. Prior to her time at ASU, Nicole was the associate vice provost of student affairs and dean of community engagement and diversity at Stanford University, after serving as president and CEO of Thrive Foundation for Youth in Silicon Valley.


Nicole also spent more than 15 years with the East Bay Community Foundation, eventually serving as its president and CEO for six years. Nicole received both her M.A. in Education and A.B. in Human Biology from Stanford University, and she began her career as an educator in Oakland public schools. She served on the board of the Federal Reserve of San Francisco for six years and is currently a board member for Common Sense Media.

2. UNICEF USA, Michel Nyenhuis


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On Episode 2 of the Value in Giving podcast, Michael Nyenhuis, President and CEO of UNICEF USA, speaks with Jane Greenfield about how his organization is supporting children around the world before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. As the newly appointed leader of the organization, Michael shares a bit about his philanthropic background and how one of America's most recognizable charities is fighting the Coronavirus by delivering needed medical supplies and educational solutions to those who need them most. To view the celebrity-filled, special event Michael references in the podcast, visit

Michael Nyenhuis headshot

Michael Nyenhuis


Before becoming CEO of UNICEF USA in March 2020, Michael served as CEO of Americares since 2014. He also served as CEO of the global nonprofit MAP International for 13 years. A former journalist with a passion for global health, he previously served on USAID’s Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid and chaired the board of the Integral Alliance, a global network of faith-based NGOs. He also currently serves on the board of InterAction, the largest coalition of U.S.-based relief and development organizations working internationally, and the leadership council at Concordia, an organization and forum that promotes cross-sector partnerships for social impact. A Minnesota native, Michael holds a Masters in Business Administration from Emory University and Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and Communications from University of Wisconsin Green Bay.

3. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Victoria Vrana


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On Episode 3 of the Value in Giving podcast, Victoria Vrana, Deputy Director of Policy, Systems and Giving by All at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, speaks with Jane Greenfield about the unique and critical role the Gates Foundation is playing in COVID-19 relief. Victoria shares insights from the front lines of the Gates Foundation’s role in COVID-19 treatment development, vaccine development, and health initiatives across the globe. Additionally, the two discuss how charitable organizations and individuals can give back during the world’s most critical time of need.

Victoria Vrana


Victoria Vrana


Victoria Vrana is a Deputy Director on the Giving By All team and joined the Foundation in November 2011. Previously, she served as the the vice president, communications and assessment at Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP), responsible for the organization's overall internal and external communications and assessment of VPP and its portfolio's performance. She joined VPP as as the chief knowledge officer in 2003. Since June 1999 she served as the director of interactive media for the Morino Institute. Before joining the institute, she was a senior account executive with Millennium Communications, a communication consulting firm serving nonprofits and foundations. Her interest in development and usingcommunications and technologyfor social change began at the Network of East-West Women where she directed the first online network linking women in post-Soviet countries. Vrana studied in Germany and Hungary and has a degree in comparative literature from the University of California at Davis.


Jane Greenfield


Jane Greenfield



The Value in Giving is hosted by Jane Greenfield, president of Vanguard Charitable. Prior to joining Vanguard Charitable in 2015, Jane held a number of positions as a principal at Vanguard in the Institutional, Retail, and Financial divisions.

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